Office Space Cleanliness

Your workplace is the one place where you spend a majority of your time. Therefore, it is important that you like your own work area or station. Whether you have a cubicle or an office desk, you can take steps to make sure that your space is clean and free of clutter. Keeping your office space clean does not only give the impression that you are meticulous, but it also makes working more efficient.

Benefits of having a clean workspace

Cleanliness in the office has its list of benefits. For one, you reduce clutter and the amount of time spent looking for missing documents, pens, and the phone that may be buried under piles of paper and other office debris. A clean table or cubicle are also good to look at and can gain you points in neatness and industry with the boss.

Tips on keeping your office clean

There are easy things you can do to keep your office space clean. First is to organize. Use a tray to sort out incoming and outgoing documents. Put your filing cabinet to good use, and only place documents that you need on the table, keeping others neatly tucked away. Designate a space in your table for work and a small space for personal mementos such as pictures. Also, avoid eating at your desk. Instead eat at the canteen or the employee lounge, and throw away any old food and drink containers so that they do not clutter your table or cubicle. When it comes to decorations, be tasteful. Water your plants if you have live ones, and clean artificial flowers regularly. Also avoid displaying too colorful and too loud posters and layering sheet after sheet of your kidís latest crayon masterpiece on your cubicle walls. This will only add to the cluttered look that you want to avoid.